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Friday, January 19, 2018  
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Quarterly Breakfast Meeting
Saturday, January 13, 2018




 No Weather postponement



Saturday, January 13, 2018

8:00 AM to 10:00 AM

 Encks Catering Facility

1461 Lancaster Rd (Rt. 72)

 Manheim, PA  17545 

(Former site of Kreider's Restaurant.

Use south entrance to Encks Catering)
The speaker is Paul Mango

Candidate for Governor

Paul Mango's roots in Pennsylvania run deep. His grandfather immigrated here from Italy, and then worked on the railroad that crossed the state; the one that carried the steel and coal helping to build our factories and create countless jobs. Paul's grandfather passed on to him the value and dignity of hard work. During high school, Paul worked as a dishwasher, at a farmer's market stocking produce, and as a scorekeeper at a bowling alley.


Balancing his father's advice to get a college education along with his strong calling to serve his country Paul applied - and was accepted - to West Point. One of his proudest moments was receiving his diploma on graduation day from President Ronald Reagan.

After completing Army Ranger training and jump school, Paul went on to serve America as a paratrooper in the storied 82nd Airborne Division.

While serving in the military, Paul and his wife saved every penny they could so that he could continue his education. He earned a Master's degree in Business from Harvard, an education that will be invaluable for someone whose main priorities as governor will be growing Pennsylvania's economy, creating jobs, and finding innovative ways to do more with less.

Paul then joined one of the most respected business leadership and professional advisory firms in America, where he rolled up his sleeves and helped companies first anticipate and adapt to change. Paul's 25 years as a business leader have provided him with an unmatched skillset for helping Pennsylvania out-compete other states and countries for the jobs of the future.

Despite these remarkable achievements, Paul Mango will tell you that his greatest blessing in life has been his family. While at West Point. Paul met his wife Dawn. Today, they've been married for nearly 35 years. And they've lived in the same Pittsburgh house for 20 years where they've raised their five daughters - one of whom followed her parents' footsteps to West Point and is now serving our country as a First Lieutenant overseas in Korea. Paul and Dawn have also generously supported a variety of veterans' and military-related charities since leaving active duty.

Now Paul Mango wants to take his middle-class values, his military training, business education, and decades of experience solving some of the toughest business problems at America's most admired companies, to fix Pennsylvania's stalled economy, underperforming schools, out-of-control spending and taxation, heroin and opioid epidemic, and end sanctuary cities to make Pennsylvania work again...for all our families

   Please reserve your seat at the quarterly breakfast by Wednesday, January 10, 2018. The cost is $15.00 per person. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged. (Click the link on the right above or call (717) 569-0148.

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