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Renewed Republican Commitment
Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Renewed Republican Commitment

to the People of Lancaster County



The Republican Party of Lancaster County has a great responsibility. Over the past 150 years, it has been given the support of the people in almost every general election of local officials and judges. That support has almost always been reciprocated by fine men and women who have served the public well.


Much is expected of those to whom much has been given. The public has made the Republican party the majority party. In turn, the public expects Republicans to be committed to good governance, to be responsive in its support of candidates and policies to the will of the electorate.       


A political party's reason for being is to win elections.
A political party's responsibility is to present for election candidates who will do their jobs extremely well and will be a credit to the party that nominated them.

A political partys opportunity is to improve our civil society by promoting excellence, dedication and deep concern for the common good.


We accept these responsibilities and pledge that we strive for a new and even higher level of contribution to good government and the improvement of our society. We believe

the voting public will recognize that we Republicans offer better choices of principles, policies and candidates.



Good Candidates and Good Government


We will assure that endorsed Republican candidates meet the Three Cs test of their fitness for office.


Character   A candidate must have admirable traits of personal character. He or she

is known to be trustworthy.  He or she has a spotless record of ethical practices in dealing with others.


Competence  A candidate must have the skills to do well in the job he or she seeks.

He or she must have demonstrated that he knows how to apply those skills. Strong weight will be given to skills in personal organization, conceptual thinking, listening, getting and using information and leading through cooperation.


Commitment  A candidate must be committed to serve the people who elected

him. Pursuing the public interest must be placed ahead of personal ambition and recognition. We expect unflagging energy, dedication to the job and an attitude that welcomes every opportunity to be open and accountable for good performance in the office.




We will insist on good governance from public officials.


Good governance springs from good people and good practices. Every official should ask every day, Am I doing a good job? and Are we governing as well as we could?  We stand ready to assist public officials in assessing and improving both personal and organizational performance.


Good governance requires that the publics trust is never jeopardized. Specifically, office holders must be free of any conflict of interest between themselves and the office they hold. When in office, their motivations for, and deliberations about, important initiatives and decisions must be transparent. No hidden agendas.


Good governance also requires collaboration. County government should work with the City of Lancaster, townships and boroughs to continually improve relationships and cooperation  and to improve the economic and societal health of those communities.


County government should also seek information and advice from business and professional people to improve both effectiveness and efficiency.


We will support judges who uphold the law.


The sound principle of judicial review cannot be turned into an intolerable presumption

of judicial supremacy. We oppose judicial activists and their unwarranted and

unconstitutional restrictions on the free exercise of religion in public spaces.



Good Policies


We insist that government should be good stewards of the publics money.


County government should always be doing the hard work of finding ways to deliver better service at lower cost. While a large portion of County programs are driven by Commonwealth standards, mandates and funding, there is always opportunity in a budget approaching $300 million to find a better way, a more efficient way. County officials should be accountable for finding those ways.


County government should not try to expand the size of public services with public employees. Rather it should try to deliver better service with the most effective and efficient combination of employees from both the public and private sectors.


We will preserve the proper balance of growth and preservation in the use of our land.


We support growth in the economic, social and cultural quality of life in this wonderful county. We encourage all the developers and planners of alternative uses of our land to follow the Countys comprehensive plan.





We will support those who are trying to expand opportunities for men and women in the workforce.


Employers need and will need skillful people to enable them to prosper in the private sector or to fulfill their not-for-profit mission. Employees need the opportunity, the encouragement and available resources to improve their skills. We support the broad coalition of the Workforce Investment Board, the Lancaster Chamber and its members, and the institutions which offer skill evaluation and training to incumbent workers.


We will encourage faith-based and community initiatives.


Government has a role to play in the improvement of communities, but as a partner with, not a rival to, the armies of compassion.  No organization should be disqualified from receiving funds simply because it displays religious symbols, has a statement of faith in its mission statement, or has a religious leader on its board.


We will assure that no doors are closed to anyone because of race or ethnic background.


Discrimination is unlawful and unjust. Most people know that. Federal and state policy is clear. County policy must be, also.


We will help families.


The family is the heart of our society. We support the culture of life. We will work to assure the safety of families, the integrity of the family unit, their financial independence from government support and their relief from unreasonable taxation.


Our Commitment


We promise the people of Lancaster County that we will continue to be a political force for good candidates, good government and good policies. We will not accept incompetence or even minor betrayals of the publics trust.


We promise to be the party of the open door, while steadfast in our commitment to our ideals, we respect and accept that members of our Party can have deeply held and sometimes different views. This diversity is a source of strength, not a sign of weakness.

So we welcome into our ranks all who may have differing opinions. We commit to resolve our differences with civility, trust, and mutual respect.


We promise to be the party of positive progress. God has created a good world and endowed us with the purpose of serving him through serving others.  This is a great commission and we accept it.





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